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The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

I have been going through YouTube videos that teach you how everything is possible in this world.

You have to make a wish. You have to write it down and not tell anyone. You need to put out the energy of what you want. You have to think about that in details.

Give out positive, loving energy! It’s a “give and take” with universe and “give and take” with people!

Take your time to understand yourself. Find your self-love. Practice and put effort over not beating yourself up on little things. Stop comparing yourself to others and embrace yourself! Be amazing for yourself!

Stop putting out blocks if you want something! Stop saying “I can’t have this because…”!

How can the universe give you what you want if your hands are in your pockets? You need to believe in yourself 100 000%!!!!

Life is magic and wonderful. Don’t waste your energy on negative things!

Life is special. World is special. Enjoy every day! Live with open mind!



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