Back To School

Back To School slogan used to give me goosebumps when I was in school. Now, it’s just a reminder that September is here and winter is coming. But that’s for later. Let’s live in the present!

Right now is the perfect time to get all the necessary things for new school year! Want to start the new year with a new bling? Try out some DYI (Do-it-yourself)!

Buzzfeed has made just the perfect article for all the great things you can make by yourself! Find out the awesome DIYs here!

If you are older than 16, there are lot of nice outdoor activities happening in Riga! Spīķeri has back to school event with great musicians as Rīgas Modes, Olas and Triānas Parks.

In Jelgava, there is an event called “ZinīBUMS” that is just waiting for students to visit it. Don’t miss out the Back To School hype because you will miss it when it’s gone.