Holidays and graduations

Do you know why I adore national holidays?

Because it’s when people come together, are gentler to each other, greet each other and just spread their joy that gets swept under the rug durning the workdays.

It all comes down to the people around us, being together and sharing the joy of the holidays.

The feeling of holidays is so hard to describe and yet, it’s very exciting.

I hope you had lovely Midsummer holidays!

Here’s a reminder:  the graduation season has started in universities. Don’t forget about your close ones.


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Riga’s Outdoor Cinema

Tomorrow, 3rd of June, is one of the first event of the Outdoor Cinema in Riga.

It’s the movie “Some Like It Hot” with the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

It’s one of the most popular comedies out there. In 1989, “Some Like It Hot” was included in USA’s movie list of cultural, historical and esthetically important movies.

Place: Kalnciema iela

Price: 6 EUR/per.