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Riga’s Outdoor Cinema

Tomorrow, 3rd of June, is one of the first event of the Outdoor Cinema in Riga.

It’s the movie “Some Like It Hot” with the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

It’s one of the most popular comedies out there. In 1989, “Some Like It Hot” was included in USA’s movie list of cultural, historical and esthetically important movies.

Place: Kalnciema iela

Price: 6 EUR/per.


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London Book Fair 2018 – Latvia as Guest of Honor

In 2018, Latvia will take a part in London Book Fair with national literature and Latvia’s best selling books. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will accept the title Guest of Honor from Poland.

Latvian authors will go with the slogan #IAMINTROVERT.

The campaign includes several activities, one of them being a series of video-stories exploring how the world looks through the eyes of an introvert. These video-stories will feature the Latvian writers attending this year’s London Book Fair – prose writers Gundega Repše, Nora Ikstena, Osvalds Zebris, Pauls Bankovskis and poets Semjons Haņins, Artis Ostups, Arvis Viguls, Madara Gruntmane.

“The world is the perfect place for extroverts. For the kind of people that know how to start a relaxed conversation with a stranger, perform in front of an audience, say something kind about themselves, or hug someone for no reason at all. But we are different. Latvians can feel deeply confused when kissed on both cheeks. Or when suddenly talked to on public transport. Should you compliment a Latvian, they will turn red-white-red. Latvia is one of the world’s most introvert nations. And so are our writers, of course. And we are proud of it. We allow our books speak for us since literature is the perfect world for introverts.”


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Triana Park Goes To Eurovision!

Yesterday Latvia chose to send to Eurovision a poprock band called Triana Park.

It’s group that was created in 2008. Group’s solist Agnese Rakovska is known with her creative outfit style and she loves to change it every time she steps on the stage.

There is no fear to be different. Triana Park is also known for their open mind and belief that everyone is equal, no matter their gender, sexuality and race.

Eurovision, get ready for creative boost from Latvia!

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Book Festival in Riga

Bookworms, it’s your most awaited time of the year in Riga, Latvia! It’s annual Book Festival in Ķīpsala!

It’s a festival for book readers and publishers and it’s happening this weekend! Every reader can meet their favorite publisher and get to buy their books for lower prices than in the bookshops.

It will be possible for readers to take a part in discussions with their favorite authors and publishers.

Take a part in the Book Festival!

For more information – visit the offical Facebook page!

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Tomorrow, Friday, in Riga there’s going to be a show “Blurred” that dedicated to open the JVLMA musical festival deciBels. It’s going to be an electroacustic music gig that’s open to everyone.

The entry prices for pupils are free, for students – 3 eur, for older – 5 eur.

Place – JVLMA,  Krišjāņa Barona iela 1, Riga 


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Depression and music

Yesterday I went to the local discussion in Riga, Latvia, about depression and music. It happened in a night club’s dancefloor room, with the lights dimmed down. It gave you an intimacy feeling that you were closer to the speakers then you thought you were. I love when discussion curators think about those small details before discussions with such close subject as depression.

It was a bit cold, could have been warmer. But that’s the perks of living in the Northern Europe. I had to hide my face in the jumper. Some people around me didn’t leave their coats and scarfs in the cloackroom but came in fully wrapped up in their warm outfit.

The first part of the discussion was about depression. The difference between clinical depression and the episodic depression. Some people from audience asked more about the ways people can cope with depression. Medication, changing your environment and style of living. The usual answers you can find when you Google depression. Or going to visit psychologist.

The second part was about music, musicians and their daily battle with depression. According to british research, 70% of musicians suffer from anxiety when they have to always “be on stage”, even when they’re not on it (social media, pap shots, etc). BBC

The curators brought up fact that most people who suffer from depression and end up with suicide, are those who daily listen to country music. Not metal. Metal fans are more calmer since they listen to their angst and get the sadness out of their system through music’s lyrics.

Few discussion participants admitted that they have learnt to live with depression. They have learnt to understand the signs of up-coming depression episodes.

The audience and the pariticpants shared their opinion on depression and music. It ended up with all of us agreeing to not be so shy from the subject. Depression is not a “taboo” subject and it should be spoken out more.