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People travel to seek a break from daily routine

Traveling and tourism is a great way to try to find answers to questions you can’t seem to figure out. It’s a  great way to clear your mind from stressful thoughts.

These days, traveling takes a remarkable space in the World’s economy. With traveling, networking abroad gets easier to be done than it was ages ago. Also, a huge impact from technologies and the Internet has given traveling a chance to become more requested for business and social activities.

There are people who describe traveling as their hobby to meet new people, get familiar with other country’s culture and take a break from daily life routines. Being somewhere else, away from the stressful daily activities and busy schedule, it’s possible to find peace that was somehow missing.


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According to Travelers’ Choice Destinations in 2015, winning destination, based on millions of reviews by travellers, was Marrakech in Morocco which is a magical place to find inner peace and get lost in historic Medina. Second place winner was Siem Reap in Cambodia, popular by its temples and ruins of Angor Wat. Third place went to Istanbul in Turkey, where Europe meets Asia and breath taking architecture meets 21st century’s modern restaurants and nightlife.  Fourth place went to Hanoi in Vietnam, which is an old city that has aged well, adding with time some modern developments to their architecture.  In fifth place was Prague in Czech Republic with its bohemian allure and fairytale features.  Looking over this published data, it’s confirming that people travel to seek a break from their busy work style.