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Another circle around the sun – 2016

Google – Year in Search 2016

Where’s the love? It’s everywhere. You just have to believe it. You just have to give it to recieve it. I wish that world would be a safer place right now. But we can all make it a safe place by believing in ourselves more, by loving others more, no matter their race, religion, sexuality and opinion.

The world can be a safer place for anyone!

All we need to do is to believe each other. And love each other more!

Here’s a hope for better 2017!

Spread love x

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History of Christmas Trees and Presents

The Christmas Tree is an ancient symbol of life in the middle of the cold winter.  Romans decorated their houses with evergreen branches during the New Year, and ancient inhabitants of northern Europe cut evergreen trees and planted them in boxes inside their houses in wintertime.

German and Dutch immigrants brought their traditions of trees and presents to the New World in the early 1800s.

The image of happy middle-class families exchanging gifts around a tree became a powerful one for American authors and civic leaders who wished to replace older, rowdier, and more alcohol-fueled Christmas traditions—such as wassailing—with a more family-friendly holiday. This family-centered image was widely popularized by Clement Moore’s 1822 poem, known today as “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas“. It also helped give us our modern picture of Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!



Christmas Decorations DIY

Christmas is coming up in one week! It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Hope you have got an eggnog, hot wine and some mandarins. Don’t forget about finding pine and taking it home! Let the Christmas cheer begin!

Also decorate your home in few simple ways.

This time CountryLiving comes in help to give you tutorials on making your own decorations! Wood Pallet Trees, Advent Calendars, Birdcages, Tree Ornaments and everything else pretty and cozy!

Pinterest is also a huge SOS site, that gives you many, many interesting decoration advices!!!!

YouTuber Zoella made a video today for cute Christmas Decorations! It fit this post’s vibe.

Get in the cheer and remember to smile. Life is beautiful. 🙂





Hello, December, hello, Christmas month and hello, last month of 2016.

What a year you have been! Perhaps there have been some let downs and some fall outs, but it’s going to be okay. Everything is here to make us learn a lesson and come out stronger.

I hope you have bought yourself the chocolate version of Advent Calendar. If not, be sure to do it. Pamper yourself! You deserve it.

This turned out to be a positivity post. Remember to smile! It’s December! Let’s celebrate this month together with daily updates and some awesome gift idea offers!

Happy December!!!

P.S. It’s snowing here in Latvia. I hope you also have some Christmas cheer in your home!