Don’t be afraid to stand out

Hello, I wanted to drop by to tell you that it’s okay to not know everything.

It’s okay to ask questions.

It’s okay to push yourself out the comfort zone. Only that way we move closer to others, only that way we give a sign to the outer world that we are here.

Don’t be afraid to stand out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Learn and be brave.

I’m still learning this advice myself. šŸ™‚

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Be a part of the team, volunteer!

Volunteering is a great chance how you can get your first work experience, find new connections and help Ā organisations near you.

There are many ways how you can get involved. All you need is will to invest your free time to help others, without getting paid.

Remember that “everything you do comes back to you”. In one way or another, there’s always a chance for success.

BrÄ«vprātÄ«gie.lv isĀ a great and trustable source for volunteer work in Latvia. It’s easy to connect because for authorisation you can use your social network profiles. There are many cases in there, which you can join any time.

unity and strength



Mairis Briedis – first Latvian WBC champion

This night Mairis Briedis, Latvian boxer, proved that a person from a small nation also can do big things, if he’s not afraid to prove himself and face the opponent.

Mairis Briedis won the WBC world champion title, boxing against Marco Huck.

“Latvia, after all, we are a strong country.” Those were the first words of M. Briedis.

The WBC is one of the four major governing bodies in professional boxing, and certifies world champions in 17 different weight classes.



April jokes in online media

It’s the first of April. Please, just don’t open the classic news sites or else you’ll be a part of the joke. They are flooded with fake news today.

According to thestar.com, it’s a media tradition of April Fool’s Day.

AĀ newspaper in the Netherlands had told its readers one April 1 that on that day it had started to use a new ink that smelled like tulips. Not surprisingly, some noses were out of joint by that prank.

In this digital era when information spreads around in seconds and lives on forever online, serious news organizations should not play around with far-fetched fake news just for laughs.

Media is a credibleĀ business. Even in the “fake news” era. Days like these makes me want to avoid the news.