April jokes in online media

It’s the first of April. Please, just don’t open the classic news sites or else you’ll be a part of the joke. They are flooded with fake news today.

According to thestar.com, it’s a media tradition of April Fool’s Day.

A newspaper in the Netherlands had told its readers one April 1 that on that day it had started to use a new ink that smelled like tulips. Not surprisingly, some noses were out of joint by that prank.

In this digital era when information spreads around in seconds and lives on forever online, serious news organizations should not play around with far-fetched fake news just for laughs.

Media is a credible business. Even in the “fake news” era. Days like these makes me want to avoid the news.


Christmas Decorations DIY

Christmas is coming up in one week! It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Hope you have got an eggnog, hot wine and some mandarins. Don’t forget about finding pine and taking it home! Let the Christmas cheer begin!

Also decorate your home in few simple ways.

This time CountryLiving comes in help to give you tutorials on making your own decorations! Wood Pallet Trees, Advent Calendars, Birdcages, Tree Ornaments and everything else pretty and cozy!

Pinterest is also a huge SOS site, that gives you many, many interesting decoration advices!!!!

YouTuber Zoella made a video today for cute Christmas Decorations! It fit this post’s vibe.

Get in the cheer and remember to smile. Life is beautiful. 🙂





Hello, December, hello, Christmas month and hello, last month of 2016.

What a year you have been! Perhaps there have been some let downs and some fall outs, but it’s going to be okay. Everything is here to make us learn a lesson and come out stronger.

I hope you have bought yourself the chocolate version of Advent Calendar. If not, be sure to do it. Pamper yourself! You deserve it.

This turned out to be a positivity post. Remember to smile! It’s December! Let’s celebrate this month together with daily updates and some awesome gift idea offers!

Happy December!!!

P.S. It’s snowing here in Latvia. I hope you also have some Christmas cheer in your home!



Back To School

Back To School slogan used to give me goosebumps when I was in school. Now, it’s just a reminder that September is here and winter is coming. But that’s for later. Let’s live in the present!

Right now is the perfect time to get all the necessary things for new school year! Want to start the new year with a new bling? Try out some DYI (Do-it-yourself)!

Buzzfeed has made just the perfect article for all the great things you can make by yourself! Find out the awesome DIYs here!

If you are older than 16, there are lot of nice outdoor activities happening in Riga! Spīķeri has back to school event with great musicians as Rīgas Modes, Olas and Triānas Parks.

In Jelgava, there is an event called “ZinīBUMS” that is just waiting for students to visit it. Don’t miss out the Back To School hype because you will miss it when it’s gone.


Night of Museum 2016 in Riga


this post is made to inform you about the museum night, that will happen Saturday, 21st of May.

In this night, every entry in any museum is for free. Only be aware that a lot of people use this day to visit their favorite museums and other cultural places.

Note: You can check out the renovated Latvian National Museum of Art. Just know that it will take a lot of time to wait in the line to get inside the museum.

Here you can learn more about places to visit in Night of Museum.


Get ready for Internation Dance Day

Dancers of all types are cheering since Internation Dance Day events are coming!

In Latvia these events will take place from 23rd till 29th April. Events give a chance to join free workshops, lecutres, practices, which will end in Dance Feast on 29th April for all the dancers who took part in the events.

The events will start on Saturtday, the 23rd April, from 11 AM till 6 PM, in four free creative workshops in Riga, Gertrudes street Teather and Latvian Culture Academy’s Theatre House “Zirgu pasts”. Everyone can join who sends out their application before the event to info@dejasdiena.lv

Very emotional “Internation Dance Day” practice will be an event for pregnant women and newborn families.

These events are made to allow people notice the multiplicity of term “dance”.




Great Coffee Shops in Riga

If you have arrived in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and you have no clue which coffee shop to visit, without being disappointed, I recommend you to visit these places!

Map – Coffee Inn – here are ratings and visitor reviews at the Foursquare.

Map– Double Coffee- Foursquare

Cabo Cafe – Foursquare 

Trusis KAFE – Foursquare

Pasēdēt – Foursquare

Map– Narvesen (also you can find small Narvesen houses near public transport stops)


Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the quality!

Have a nice stay and enjoy great coffee that Riga offers!