Have a day!

I just wanted to tell you, my dear follower, to have a day! No matter how busy, no matter how boring, jusr have a day! Just enjoy the moment. Weekend is coming, so you’ll have time to watch your favorite TV show or read your favorite book.

Hope something good happens to you today! Sending my best wishes your way!


The art of being stuck.

It’s March.

Oh my god, how time flies. But with time comes also the realization that something is missing. There’s a piece with you that’s not following the rhythm.

And that’s when you know that you’re stuck. I have no idea how it happened and why it keeps happening, but I often get stuck with things. With the flow of life. Over and over again. I’m one of those who shouts, how much they hate being on the same place, yet, I’m not moving.

It seems like everyone is moving but you’re the one who’s missing all the fun.

So I have created a plan. Every week this month, I will do something out of the box.

I wish myself some luck! 🙂