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Be friends with routine!

I remember how I was scared of routine. Doing the same things day by day scared me. Little did I know that those movements help your body be in a rhythm.

Routine helps you overcome depression and feeling out of place. It helps putting your daily life in structure. It helps you plan your days. You don’t have to live in the unknown.

Reasons why routine is important:

1.You can create your own To-Do List 

Checking things off a list never felt this good before. No, really, try it. It’s as if you’re proving yourself that you’re capable of anything!

2.You will be in rhythm!

And your health will be thankful to you. Daily routine takes away the stress from the unknown. You don’t have to run around, thinking what will happen and when will it happen, if you’re in routine.

3. Say goodbye to bad habits

Routine leaves no time for bad habits. It’s that simple. Following daily tasks, you will notice that you won’t have free time for habits that weren’t good for you. You will be your own priority.

4. Relax time gets more amazing!

It really does. After a hard day of working, you’ll feel in heaven when you leave your work for home. Also, you’ll find that the time you spend doing what you like will feel 10 times better!

5. What is procrastination?

It’s in the past! Since you won’t have much free time, you have to plan your free time! And tasks, that are burning, need to be done in time! No more blank space in your planner. No more space to use for your lazyness.

6. Good night sleep!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, going to bed at the same time every night, and waking up at the same time each morning  can help regulate the body’s internal clock.

Get ready to feel fresh and good at 8 AM!!

So, what are you waiting for? Be friends with routine! It can be a good thing!




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