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Daily education

I was going through my Twitter and all the random people I use to follow, and a tweet caught my attention. It was just a sentence but it made me think for a while.

“Don’t educate me.” The person wrote at somebody who was trying to point them wrong on a topic that I can’t remember.

I know that it’s none of my business but I’m a part of the people who believe that no one can be well-educated on any topic that’s known for mankind. Daily growth involved education. Everyone should spend time to get to know things better.

Don’t people feel the need to learn things?

Since when did pointing out your ideas or thoughts turn into such a bad thing? Since when we started to scream at those who try to fix our mistakes and make us better people?

Is it a part of this society’s egocentrism? Of trying to be the most right about the world while there are so many things that you know nothing about? And why did the society made “learning” as something that’s not “cool”?


Live. Learn. Educate.


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