Motivation for every day

We all have been there. When the day is gray and all you want is to sleep tight in your warm bed. And then there is this person who reminds you that you have stuff to do.

And every attempt at trying to start the task feels like 25 km long run in the marathon. We all have been there. Right there. At the “START” line with no idea how we will finish the 25 km long run.

But I am sure that you know that every BIG THING is possible to accomplish thanks to details. Details are the key. The small things like your running shoes, clothes, your daily running routine that led you to the marathon day. It all counts.

The idea of this post came from Twitter trend #MondayMotivation. Let’s be honest, we all need those little inspiring things every day.

1.Be optimistic

Because things happen when you’re feeling good. You’re ready to face any obstacle by knowing that you can do it. It doesn’t matter what happens in between, the end is important.

The success is important.

So be ready to stand up and tell all those unbelievers that you will accomplish the task that’s impossible.

Be ready to tell yourself that you are capable of finishing the task.

2. Remember “why”

Remember it. Always remember why you need to do the certain task. What it’s going to bring. Why it’s good. There is always a reason.

If there’s none, you can add a reason by yourself. Maybe it makes yourself feel good. There is nothing wrong with doing things for yourself.

3. Tell friends about it

Nothing helps more than pressure from others.

“Did you start the task you were talking about?”

“Uh, no, BUT I WILL!”

The more you hear the question, the more you will feel bad about not doing it. So start telling others how you’re planning to start the task as soon as possible.

4. Read motivational books

Nothing is better than reading stories of how other people made it where they are.

Lack of motivation? Start with Steve Jobs!

5. Collect the right tools

Before you start, make sure you have all the main tools for successful work.

You won’t be able to write a six page long review if you don’t have a computer or your favorite cup of tea beside you.

Collect them!

6. Give yourself a reward

Once you finish one part of the task, reward yourself.

Get a cake. Whatever makes you happy. You did a good job. You deserve it.

7. Aim for success

Honestly, that’s what we all do! Visualize the finish line. What a feeling!




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